NW10A High-energy XAFS


XAFS(X-ray Absorption Fine Structure)

  • Energy range: 14 – 42 keV (8 – 14 keV with Mirror)
  • Transmission mode: QXAFS
  • Fluorescent mode: Lytle detector, Multi Ge-SSD

Other experimental with monochromatized X-ray

  • Please contact us before experiment

Light source

PF-AR Bending magnet #NW10

  • Ring energy: 6.5 GeV
  • Max. current: 60 mA (Not Top-up operation)
  • Critical energy: 26.3 keV
  • Horizontal acceptance: 1 mrad

Beamline optics


  • Si(311) Water-cooled double crystal
  • Energy range: 8 – 42 keV
  • Cam-drive (Kohzu system)

Focusing system

  • Bent cylinder mirror (Pt coated)
  • Standard beam size: 1.0H x 1.0V mm


  • Double flat morror (Rh coated) for higher harmonics reduction


Focused and Monochromatized mode

  • Energy range: 8 – 42 keV*
    *8 – 14 keV with higher harmonics reduction mirror
  • Energy resolution: ΔE/E~1×10-4 (9 keV)
  • Photon flux at sample position: 6×1010 phs/s (25 keV)

Experimantal station

Experimental hutch

  • Hatch size: 4.0L x 3.2W x 2.8H m
  • Door size: 2.4W x 2.4H m

Standard setup

  • Flat table size: 2000L x 1200W mm
  • XAFS setup: Ionization chumber, 21-elements Ge-SSD, Cryocooler


  • Photon Factory Highlights 2017, 2-6, Why Is Water More Reactive than Hydrogen in Photocatalytic CO2 Conversion? – Elucidation by Means of X-Ray Absorption Fine Structur, H. Zhang, S. Kawamura and Y. Izumi
  • Photon Factory Highlights 2016, 3-2, Ammonia Synthesis over Self-Organized Flat Ru Nanoparticles on Calcium Amide, Y. Inoue, M. Kitano, H. Abe, Y. Niwa, T. Yokoyama, M. Hara and H. Hosono
  • Photon Factory Highlights 2015, 3-2, Anomalous Structural Behavior in the Magnetic and Structural Transition of FeRh Thin Films from a Local Viewpoint, Y. Wakisaka, Y. Uemura, T. Yokoyama, H. Asakura, H. Morimoto, M. Tabuchi, D. Ohshima, T. Kato1 and S. Iwata
  • Photon Factory Highlights 2015, 4-3, Role of Microorganisms on the Transformation of Lanthanides during the Biooxidation of Divalent Manganese, T. Ohnuki, Q. Yu, N. Kozai, S. Yamasaki, F. Sakamoto and Y. Tani

Beamline manager

  • 城戸 大貴 / KIDO Daiki (KEK-PF)