BL12C High-throughput XAFS


XAFS(X-ray Absorption Fine Structure)

  • Energy range: 4 – 23 keV (4 – 6 keV with Mirror)
  • Transmission mode: QXAFS
  • Fluorescent mode: Lytle detector, 7-elements Silicon Drift Detector (SDD)

Other experimental with monochromatized X-ray

  • Please contact us before experiment

Light source

PF Bending magnet #12

  • Ring energy: 2.5 GeV
  • Max. current: 450 mA (Usually Top-up operation)
  • Critical energy: 4 keV
  • Horizontal acceptance: 2 mrad

Beamline optics


  • Si(111) Water-cooled double crystal
  • Energy range: 4 – 23 keV
  • Cam-drive (Kohzu system)

Focusing system

  • Bent cylinder mirror (Rh coated)
  • Standard beam size: 0.6H x 0.6V mm


  • Double flat morror (Ni coated) for higher harmonics reduction


Focused and Monochromatized mode

  • Energy range: 4 – 23 keV
  • Energy resolution: ΔE/E~2×10-4
  • Photon flux at sample position: 9×1010 phs/s (8 keV)

Experimantal station

Experimental hutch

  • Hatch size: 3.0L x 3.2W x 2.8H m
  • Door size: 2.4W x 2.4H m

Standard setup

  • Flat table size: 1500L x 1000W mm
  • XAFS setup: Ionization chumber, 7-elements SDD, Cryocooler
  • Automatic sample changer system (Max. 100 samples)


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Beamline manager

  • 仁谷 浩明 / NITANI Hiroaki (KEK-PF)